Morteza SeyedAhmadpour

مرتضی سیداحمدپور

Morteza SeyedAhmadpour
strives to be the difference-maker in people’s personal and professional business success. By doing so, Morteza hopes to make a positive difference in the areas of Management, Marketing, IT & Digital Strategies and Motivation by Teaching and Consulting.
Morteza always tries doing and approaching everything by constant & never-ending increase in quality of life.
Morteza is one of the world's richest people because he rooted in a great family and his uncountable wealth is his FATHER and his mother.
He is grateful his family for the greatest honor and achievement for ever.
Morteza loves learning more and more and promote and promote new knowledge for better life and always think about increase improvement in everything so he chooses teaching and motivating as a teacher, facilitator and speaker for his Iranian fellow.
Currently Morteza SeyedAhmadpour is an Entrepreneur and works as a facilitator, teacher and consultant in the fields of management.
Morteza's main focus has been developing business by modern sales and marketing approach and new digital strategies for major and small business.
Morteza has a great believe which is one of the most fortunate people on planet because of his Family, his Friends his Mentors and His Teachers.

مرتضی سیداحمدپور     مرتضی سیداحمدپور     مرتضی سیداحمدپور     مرتضی سیداحمدپور